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About Us

Ella wearing Princelet Velvet Collar


My name’s Ella and I’m the Alpha Pet around here (that's me on our page headers).

When my Human Friend (HF) suggested that we set up an online shop so that other pet partnerships could also benefit from all the beautiful accessories that have been bought for me, I wasn’t sure that I liked the idea. I mean, why would I want other dogs walking around wearing the same bling as I do. (O.K. I don’t always bling myself up, but you get my drift.)

My HF pointed out that there are lots of supermarkets and pet supermarkets that most people buy their pet accessories from so it would be a very select group who would buy our chosen merchandise.

That made sense to me, so I’ve been helping my HF to trawl the cyber-marketplace for some stylish accessories so you don’t have to.

We’re constantly updating and expanding our range, depending on my mood, time of year, special occasion etc etc. So we’ll always have lovely things that you (probably) won’t be able to find in the supermarkets. But we know there will be things we haven’t included in our range that you may be looking for. So please let us know if there’s something you’d like us to stock – or if you have any suggestions or comments we’d love to hear from you. We’d especially like to see your furry friends dressed in their finest AlphapetOnline accessories – so send us your pictures and we’ll build a photo gallery for you. You may even be featured on our front page.

Oh, BTW, there are two other pets in this organisation who, I hate to admit, are pretty cool for cats. They choose their own accessories. It has nothing to do with me (see below).

Lovingly paws


PS: I'm wearing my Princelet red velvet collar in the photo. Pawjus!




Hello. My name’s Max and I just keep my head down.

I may be twice the size of Archie, but he’s no push-over I can tell you. I’ve tried. Anyway, I'm a lover - not a fighter.

I'm in touch with my feminine side. I love all the bling, cos I know it really suits my colouring and brings out the glow in my eyes. Big Ella (as I call her) seems to have a lot more stuff than we do, but she does a lot more visiting and parading up and down the high street so she ‘has to look her best at all times’ (her words, not mine).

Still, I know that our HF has someone in America who is on the look out for some good stuff for us. So come back and visit us often and see what's been added. And send in your pussy cat pics too. Can’t let the dogs have all the glory can we? BTW, I'm wearing a Felix cat collar, which looks pretty cool don't ya think? Only problem is the bell does have a habit of alerting any mice in the area that I’m on their tail.  Still, I guess it’s a small price to pay for star quality.

Felinely yours



Yeowww! I'm Archie Smart. New kit on the block. I love to play, jump on Max's back, and give big Ella the run around. I guess I'll have more to say when I'm a bit more grown up. At the moment my job at AlphapetOnline is to have fun and look cute on the website banner. Yowzahs!

paws.jpgHigh fives my friends x



Hi. I guess I must be the Human Friend - aka HF to Ella, Max and Archie.

I am also responsible for making sense of all their ramblings and translating them for the web site into something you can understand.

The gang tell me what they think of the products, how it feels, how it looks (through their eyes), what they like, what they don't like. If it's good quality, value for money and stylish it gets a big paws up from the team, which is where my work begins; sourcing, buying, adding to the web site and letting everyone else know about it.

So we hope you enjoy browsing our web pages, and we hope you'll enjoy shopping with us too.

Please sign up for our newletter and be the first to know about special offers and special products that will be coming this-a-way very soon.

Your faithful servant,